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JPEG Imager

JPEG Imager compression images with real time preview
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JPEG Imager is a high quality tool for image compression, which also provides real time preview for comparison with actual image. It’s possible to change many compression parameters, choose target file size as per user convenience, and the changes are quite noticeable. In simpler terms, it’s a good tool providing fair trade off between quality and file size, and even images can be optimized as per web publishing requirements.

JPEG Imager facilitates split screen viewing mode, enabling the user to view two synchronized images in a common window, and also has an instant swap key allowing the user to notice the variations. Moreover, the variations occur instantly making it a highly interactive tool that provides desirable compression control as well.

It has many customization options such as controlling quality by luminance, adaptive additional compression, post filtering and similar flavors. It can even select automatically a suitable quality for the specified file size limit. Its operation is based upon JPEG compression algorithm, but also has extended support for .PNG and .GIF compression.

Moreover, the user can select the desired file type with a mere click of a button and the response of the tool to any action is very good.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Fast operation and multiple file fomat support


  • Optimal settings cannot be fully automatic
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